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Just another fairy tale
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What you'll find here: most of all icons, banners, headers from various tv shows, movies, actors/actresses and all that kind of stuff. Also STOCK ICONS can be posted here! From time to time there might also be a textures posts etc. This community is open to everyone, so if you wanna share your art work you're more than welcome to join in order to be able to post. iconmagics just came into the world, so fill it up! ♥ If you have any questions you can always send me a message, goes to afurryfriend
I don't really like the term "rules" but I'd like you to mind some guidelines when posting.

  • Please post three to four teaser icons and put the rest of your work under a LJ-cut. Check out the posts at the comm to see how it should look like.

  • Wallpapers and bigger art work please as THUMBNAILS only, so that they won't stretch the layout ;)

  • Fake cuts to your personal journal are absolutely allowed, but make sure that this post is either viewable to everyone, not private or flist only, or make a note in your post that people need to add you to be able to see your icons ;)

  • Please search the given tags first before adding new entry tags. The Tag-List can be found HERE! If the tag you wanted to use is missing, use the given form to add the new one.

  • Try to avoid SPOILERS in your icons! We all are living in different time zones and not everyone wants to be spoiled, even not by icons :)

Leave me a comment to this entry here if you want to become affiliate to iconmagics. Preferable icon journals/communities will be added :)

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